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Raku Ornaments

Raku is a form of pottery developed in 16th century Japan by a tea master challenging the beauty of the ostentatious and ornamented porcelain perfection so adored at the time.

Celebrating an aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, Raku tea bowls were made in a ritual of graceful purity and austere simplicity. Pulled red hot from the kiln to cool rapidly, tea masters prized handmade and irregularly shaped bowls with uneven glaze, cracks, and a rebellious beauty of deliberate imperfection.

Our Raku Ornaments are fired using a version of the process developed by the “father of American Raku” Paul Soldner, that pushes the chemical reaction even further by sealing the glowing red pottery inside a metal container filled with combustibles. Lack of oxygen causes flames to thrash around creating a reductive atmosphere that creates asymmetrical, unpredictable, and iridescent colorings; swirls of red, deep blue, ochre, and green along with a gossamer mingling of smoky copper and pearlescent gold.

The lightweight ceramic ornaments range from 3” to 4”, and are gift boxed in a nest of shredded craft paper with a story card.